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Oxfam Australia

How Synergy Fusion has enabled Oxfam Australia’s contact centre to continue operating during COVID-19.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the teams at Synergy Enterprise Solutions and Oxfam and the functional flexibility that Synergy Fusion provided, the transition to working from home occurred seamlessly for our support services team.


Oxfam Australia’s contact centre is a small and dynamic group of people who are all working to improve the lives of others. Nandini Guharoy leads a section of the supporter services team, working to secure donations to help disadvantaged people around the world.

“We’re a small team and we’re all extremely close,” Nandini explains. “There’s music, there’s food, there’s a lot of talking. And the way we work is extremely collaborative.”

Although they’re a high functioning team, Nandini says there were a lot of small issues with their on-premise telephony solution and this was creating extra work for her team.

“If you needed to contact someone, you’d have to pick up your telephone and dial that number in manually.”

“And if someone left a voicemail, we’d have to manually go in and listen to the recording, then note it down in a spreadsheet, which would then be accessed by the team who would call them back.”

“It was just so tedious; it took a lot more time than it should.”

The tipping point for the team was a combination of two things: their current on-premise telephony solution was being decommissioned, and at the same time, COVID-19 restrictions forced the team to work from home.

The Oxfam Australia team needed a solution that:

  • could be accessed remotely
  • they could scale up and down
  • would help remove manual, time-consuming processes
  • is easy to use and provides a customer-friendly experience
  • could be integrated with their CRM software
  • didn’t require local IT support

For the Oxfam Australia team, Synergy Fusion powered by Twilio Flex ticked all these boxes and more.

Flexible functionality and price models the deciding factors

Nandini said they chose Synergy Fusion for its high levels of customisation and its multi-channel features.

“Synergy Fusion was a clear winner.”

The pay-per-use feature was another key selling point for the Oxfam Australia team, who often need to scale up and down their team depending on campaigns and demand.

“The fact that we weren’t locked into a contract and we didn’t have to pay per person was very important to us.”

Continuity of service during COVID-19

When COVID-19 forced the contact centre out of their office and into remote working situations, it was a big change. But from the moment Synergy Fusion was implemented, Nandini could see the difference it was making.

“There have been a lot of little advantages which we saw almost immediately.”

The single view, call recording and call me back features had an immediate impact on the team, replacing much of their manual, time-consuming processes.

“They’ve made a big difference to the way we work.”

Being a cloud solution meant the Oxfam Australia contact centre could continue to take important calls, even when COVID-19 restrictions forced their team to work remotely.

“If it had not been for Synergy Fusion, we would not have been able to work from home.”

50% reduction in call process times

Since using Synergy Fusion, Nandini estimates that it has cut the time spent taking calls by at least half.

“Everyone has said without a doubt that the whole call process has been reduced by at least 50% since we’ve started using the new system. It’s made a huge difference to our team.”

And this has allowed the team to focus on other aspects of their role. Although they’re officially a “call centre”, answering calls is only roughly 40% of their role, the other proportion taken up with email communications, processing donations and refunds, and checking payments.

“We’re able to attend to incoming and outgoing calls much more efficiently, and because of that, the team has been able to dedicate so much more time to the other aspects of their jobs.”

Boosting productivity through integration

As if navigating a pandemic, and implementing a new phone system while juggling remote working challenges isn’t hard enough, the Oxfam Australia team also decided to implement a new CRM at the same time. Nandini praises her team for their adaptability in adopting all these changes.

“They’ve done incredibly well to move to a new CRM system and a new phone system all away from the office.”
She also credits this smooth transition to the help they received from Synergy Enterprise Solutions.

“Synergy has been very collaborative right through the whole process.”

She describes the integration between Synergy Fusion and their CRM as “absolutely vital” and loves the fact that when the team receive a call, they can immediately access their records because the two systems are integrated.

“We can now find someone within a few seconds, as opposed to a few minutes. That’s only been possible because of the integration with Synergy Fusion.”

Helping Oxfam Australia navigate the new normal

For the Oxfam team, this is just the start of their journey with Synergy Fusion.

“We’ve been really happy with the solution so far. Synergy has been very collaborative right through the whole process. It’s made a big difference to the way we work.”

Delight your customers and empower your teams with Synergy Fusion

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