Tasman District Council

Tasman District Council

How Synergy Enterprise Solutions and Freshworks helped Tasman District Council transform their ITSM

Under our previous ticketing system, it would sometimes take over a week for our employees to receive a response. With Freshworks, we can respond to every ticket within 24 hours.


Tasman District Council (TDC) is a local government organisation that aims to build a healthy environment, strong economy, and vibrant community. The council has a broad range of responsibilities, including public libraries, voting networks, water quality, land and marine quality, climate change management, and more. This scope made it challenging for service teams to be across all the functions, so TDC began looking for a better solution.

Council services growing beyond legacy systems capacity

Before approaching Synergy Enterprise Solutions, the council’s IT team relied on outdated, on-premise legacy systems including a ticketing system implemented in 2000 when the council was much smaller. As the council’s services and technology footprint grew, and its needs became more complex over time, the ticketing system was unable to keep up with the council’s changing demands. There was a lack of automation, reporting, analytics, ticket tracking, and alignment with ITIL processes – all of which had become essential for the council to effectively deliver its services.

Service transformation inspired by peers

TDC’s Service Delivery team realised it needed to transform its ticketing system to support ongoing expansion and its adoption of the ITIL framework, and began looking at cloud-based options that were user-friendly, customisable, and offered better reporting. They started talking to other New Zealand-based councils in their search and were particularly interested in the improvements that Wellington City Council had made by implementing Freshservice.

“Before going live, the Synergy team did a lot of work guiding us on ITIL best practice, categories of requests, and SLA management. They had a lot of it in place before we even deployed the system and started to customise it, so that helped. With Synergy, there was a drive to move quickly and implement with ease.


Synergy worked with TDC to ensure all their requirements were included in their customised Freshservice solution. Throughout the implementation process, the council had easy access to Synergy’s local team of Freshworks specialists so they could follow best-practice tips and advice.

A scalable system makes employees lives easier

Moving to a scalable enterprise management solution helped TDC significantly improve their employee experience by:

  • Saving time with automated approval workflows for onboarding, offboarding, user termination, and more
  • Using automation for tasks, reminders, and other customised workflows
  • Empowering customers with a service catalogue and customer portal that allows them to raise and track requests
  • Providing support on the go via the mobile app
  • Enabling agents to tend to tickets remotely
  • Segregating and prioritising different types of tickets across incident, change, and problem management
  • Tracking key metrics in near real-time via easy-to-read and customisable reports
  • Introducing customisable change forms, automated approvals, and meeting set-up via the calendar
  • Providing agents access to a knowledge database coupled with smart suggestions while responding to tickets
  • Leveraged applications from the Freshworks Marketplace to increase agent productivity.

If you were to talk to the Services Team, you'd know they’re Freshworks’ biggest cheerleaders. They are a very high-functioning, happy, excited team and are 100% onboard with using Freshworks. In fact, they consistently want to know what more they can use Freshworks for. It's awesome for me and the council to have a system the users enjoy, and that makes their work life so much easier. They're now connected to the customers, other agents, and the team. Agents are way more responsive, and we're getting a lot of things done a lot quicker.


Interested in learning more about Freshservice? Contact our local experts to find out how we can help transform your ITSM.