Since implementing Synergy Fusion powered by Twilio Flex, our call quality has improved, we don’t get dropouts or crossed calls, and if anything does go astray, Synergy is quick to respond and fix the issue.

Neil Hollingworth, General Manager - Systems and Technology, Dial-A-Doctor Australia
The Company

For anyone who’s had a sick child up during the night or an elderly parent who needs care just as your GP is closing, you know that illness doesn’t wait for business hours.


After-hours medical services, like Dial-A-Doctor, play an important role in supporting people who need care outside of business hours. And to do this vital work, they need reliable, intuitive technology to support their busy agents.

The Challenge

Neil Hollingworth, General Manager of Dial-A-Doctor Australia knew that in order to transition into the digital age, they needed to move from their current PTSN fixed-line call centre. They chose a VoIP system, but it soon proved to be inadequate.


“We were quite disappointed after switching over to a VoIP system, experiencing poor quality, callers not being able to hear the agent, and calls dropping out halfway through a conversation. Worst of all, we had one instance of a second caller dropping into a very private conversation between agent and patient.”

The Solution

When Neil came across Twilio Flex, he was excited by the idea of a flexible system that could not only handle calls but other forms of customer contact like SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WebChat.


“Twilio had the ability to transform us from a call centre into a proper contact centre. But there was one problem: we didn’t have the skills in-house to implement the call flow structure in the background.”


When Twilio recommended Synergy Enterprise Solutions as an implementation partner, Neil was thrilled to hear they could plug their skills gap and assist in the implementation.


“Synergy was great from the start, they were very responsive and understood our needs. They mapped out the project in stages which really helped create a clear path to success.”


The initial stage involved the replacement of Dial-A-Doctor’s current system with a tailor-made call flow.


“We needed some special features that Twilio Flex did not offer as standard and Synergy were able to customise this to suit our needs.”


“Synergy also implemented a postcode-driven IVR which checks our caller’s location and informs them whether we have doctors servicing their area in real-time. This means our agents are only servicing calls where we can provide a doctor, and callers aren’t waiting in queues only to discover there are no doctors available in their region at that time.”

The Results

“Since implementing Synergy Fusion powered by Twilio Flex, our call quality has improved, we don’t get dropouts or crossed calls, and if anything does go astray, Synergy is quick to respond and fix the issue.”


Neil especially appreciates Synergy’s ticketing system, which keeps track of requests and ensures nothing gets missed.


“In the event that we drop the ball (which can sometimes happen in a busy contact centre like ours) Synergy are quick to flag the issue and follow up. They offer excellent support.”


As a second stage of the project, Synergy developed a function to display serviced postcodes in real-time through Dial-A-Doctor’s customer mobile application.


“This is a valuable feature that means customers can use our mobile app to immediately see where we have doctors available.”

The Future

Keen to build on their success, Neil and the Dial-A-Doctor team are already planning their next project with Synergy, adding additional channels to their contact centre.


“We look forward to our continued relationship with Synergy. I would certainly recommend them as a professional and quality outfit who are eager to please and offer great support,” Neil concluded.

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