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The Zendesk Suite is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline customer support across multiple channels, offering a seamless and personalised experience. Tailored to meet diverse business needs, the Zendesk Suite is available in various plans.

Zendesk Suite

A powerful yet simple solution engineered for government teams to manage citizen interactions. The Suite Team offers essential tools for managing interactions across email, chat, and social messaging, to enable teams to deliver timely and effective responses to public inquiries. Its focus on simplicity and ease of use makes it well-suited for small departments looking to enhance their citizen engagement strategies.

NZD $97 per agent / month

NZD $1,164 / year*

Ticketing system

Email, chat, voice, social messaging

Help centre

Standard bots

Pre-built analytics dashboards

1,000+ apps & integrations

Pre-defined responses (macros)

Custom business rules (triggers & automations)

Eligible for Advanced Data Privacy & Protection add-on

Online Zendesk support

Digital onboarding & adoption resources

Zendesk Suite

A robust solution for medium-sized government agencies looking to elevate their citizen service and engagement capabilities. The Suite Growth includes advanced features such as automation, knowledge base capabilities, and comprehensive analytics. It’s designed to address specific challenges faced by government departments, enabling them to scale their services while maintaining a high level of personalised customer support.

NZD $156 per agent / month

NZD $1,872 / year*

All features from
Suite Team Plan


Multiple ticket forms

Light agents

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Customer satisfaction ratings (CSAT)

Multilingual support and content

Self-service customer portal

Business hours

Zendesk Suite

A comprehensive solution for established government agencies focused on a tailored approach to citizen engagement. The Suite Professional has extra advanced features like multilingual support, in-depth analytics, and unlimited ticket forms. It addresses the diverse and complex needs of large organisations, allowing them to streamline workflows, facilitate cross-department collaboration, and continually improve their service delivery.

NZD $202 per agent / month

NZD $2,424 / year*

All features from
Suite Growth Plan


Customised & live analytics

Side conversations

Skills-based routing

Integrated community forums

Data location options

HIPAA enabled

Access to Sunshine conversations

Zendesk Suite

The ultimate solution for large government institutions with the most demanding requirements in service capability, flexibility, and security. The Enterprise Suite includes all Suite Professional features, along with custom roles, encryption, and data governance. It is ideal for national agencies looking to deliver exceptional, seamless services, ensuring exceptional citizen satisfaction and engagement across various channels.

NZD $296 per agent / month

NZD $3,552 / year*

All features from
Suite Professional Plan


Eligible for Advanced Data Privacy & Protection add-on


AI-powered content cues

Content blocks

Custom agent roles

Dynamic, contextual workspaces


Advanced Al

An innovative solution for New Zealand government agencies, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and the quality of citizen services. The Zendesk Advanced AI is equipped with AI-driven knowledge management, automated response capabilities, and intelligent ticket triaging to provide tailored and prompt service at scale to address the dynamic landscape within the public sector.

NZD $90 per agent / month

NZD $1,080 / year*

Advanced bots

Intelligent triage

Intelligent insights and suggestions

Macro suggestions for admins

Zendesk Advanced
Data Privacy and Protection

A tailored and comprehensive solution designed for New Zealand government agencies to address the complexities of data protection regulations. The Zendesk Advanced Data Privacy and Protection is committed to compliance with data privacy laws and regulations, placing a strong emphasis on fostering public trust through effective management of data privacy risks.

NZD $90 per agent / month

NZD $1,080 / year*

Access log

Advanced data retention policies

Data masking

Advanced encryption

Advanced redaction

*All prices are billed annually and exclude GST.

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