Empower your Agents to Enhance Customer Engagement

Synergy’s cloud-based outbound dialler simplifies the process by maximising your agent’s phone time by accurately predicting when customers will be available, optimally pacing dialling, and filtering out unproductive calls.


A personalised experience is ensured, and metrics around agents’ success can be tracked to improve your call centre. Automated outreach via additional channels such as SMS, email and social media ensure your message breaks through the clutter.

Key Benefits

Maximise campaign effectiveness

Streamline outbound campaigns with increased connection rates

Boost your bottom line

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Reach your targets

Maximise agent productivity and reduce idle time

Ease of use

Integration with business systems including Salesforce CRM

Use anywhere, anytime

100% cloud-based with Software as a Service (SaaS) model

Synergy Outbound Dialler Screenshots

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