Provide a seamless experience across all communications.


Improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

Decision Management
and Analytics

Help align contact centre activity with business goals.

Omni-channel Communications

We know the key to growing business today is providing a consistent and personalised customer experience across all communication channels. Your customers may already use email, web chat, and text messaging, and the web to conduct research, resolve issues, and share opinions via social media. Synergy can help tap into these channels to improve your offerings and support – and to strengthen your competitive position.

Workforce Optimisation

Synergy’s workforce optimisation capabilities help identify your organisation´s current challenges and provide pragmatic recommendations to help address these issues.

Our skilled consultants will help you to:


  • Strike the balance between service levels and associated costs
  • Reduce agent overheads by eliminating over-staffing
  • Capitalise on revenue opportunities by preventing under-staffing
  • Improve forecasting, scheduling and agent adherence
  • Increase job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and agent-churn
  • Boost customer service by ensuring the availability of agents with the right skills at the right time
  • Gain staff buy-in to changes with a thoughtful approach to change management

Decision Management & Analytics

Our decision management and analytics solutions specialists help organisations align contact centre activity with business goals. We help turn statistics gathered during day-to-day operations into meaningful management information enabling contact centre operators to make informed business decisions, from several different data sources, in a way that makes sense for your business.

Our services include:


  • Performance management needs analysis
  • Project scoping
  • Development of corporate reporting and analysis applications
  • Implementation of executive dashboards and balanced scorecards
  • Management information data warehouses and data marts
  • User training